Scano Industrial Corp.

Excellent designer & producer of Automotive Repair Tools, Tire Pressure Gauge, FRL- Filter Regulators Lubricators, Air Couplers / Air Connectors, Air Blow Guns & Tips, Hose Crimpers, Swivel Fittings & Valves.

New Product


Air Undercoating Gun

For the Application of Anti-Stone Chip Coating or Undercoating

A: American Cup Thread & Suction Tube
E: European Cup Thread & Suction Tube
C: With 0.7 L. Cup


Gravity Sand Blaster

Gravity Sand Blaster Body, Plastic Manifold
with Collection Bag, 4 Rubber Tips


Compact Blow Gun

High Quality Zinc Body Compact Blow Gun, chrome plated with standard safety tip and thumb grip.


Wax Injection Gun

For Rust Proofing (Pressure)

With 2 Flexible Tubes and a Heavy Duty Pressure Cup
933B Nylon Tube with Bended Nozzle
933C Nylon Tube with 360° Nozzle
Optional Tube: 933H33 Rubber Flexible Tube


Modular Filter

We provide Modular Filter, FRL Units and Regulator and Lubricator Assembly.

If you are looking for reliable Modular Filter Manufacturer, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Compact Blow Gun

High Quality Zinc Body Compact Blow Gun.

It is a Black Powder Coated Compact Blow Gun with Standard Safety Tip & Thumb Grip.

Universal Coupler

This universal coupler is designed for matching couplers and connectors of the same interchange. It fits all five plugs including Aro, Tru-flate, Industrial, Ultra-flo and Lincoln styles. Our couplers will be a powerful connection at your fingertip.


Tire Inflator Gauge

3.5" Easy to Read Dial Scale with Rubber Proctector
Dual Calibrated : 0 - 170 PSI / 0 - 1200 KPA
With a Deflator for Releasing Excess Pressure
Available with Different Length of Hose and A Variety of Chucks to Fit Any Applications


Blow Gun Kit

12 Pcs in Plastic Kit, Interchangeable Push-in Tips
* 9401Q Metal Blow Gun with Quick Coupling Adapter
* 9405Q Plastic Blow Gun with Quick Coupling Adapter
* 903PM2 1/4” NPT (M) Industrial Plug
* 941-A2 Inflating Tip for QC Adpater
* 941-A3 Siphon Tip for QC Adpater
* 941-A6 Rubber Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-A7 Plastic Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-N2 2” Needle Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-N3 3” Needle Extension Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-E4 4” Extension Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-E6 6” Safety Extension Tip for QC Adapter
* 941-S2 Safety Booster Tip for QC Adapter