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Scano Industrial Corp.

Universal Coupler Supplier

Use our experience to help you meet your Universal Coupler requirements consistently and competitively. In order to provide the best possible service, Scano Industrial Corp. has developed a highly responsive and motivated organization that can adapt readily to each individual customer's needs and requirements. Scano Industrial Corp. believes that customer service is the most important aspect of our business, and we want to be there whenever and wherever you need us. Keeping in mind the importance of clients' time, we make sure that our Universal Coupler are delivered to them within the promised time-period.


Auto-Safety Couplers

Five in One Automatic-Safety Couplers


Universal Automatic Coupler

This universal coupler is designed for matching couplers and connectors of the same interchange. It fits all five plugs including Aro, Tru-flate, Industrial, Ultra-flo and Lincoln styles. Our couplers will be a powerful connection at your fingertip.



Aro,Tru-flate,Industrial,Ultra-flo and Lincoln styles
Scano Industrial Corp. achieved a market leader position in the Universal Coupler and thereby strengthens the company’s position on the machinery & industrial supplies market. When our customers purchase our Universal Coupler, they know they are getting value for their money, with performance, reliability, and quality. Please contact us if you are searching for Universal Coupler, we will reply to you as soon as we can.
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